Sex Toy or Dog Toy? Round 4

24 Mar




If you guessed option A as the dog toy, you would be correct.   We must admit that option B is remarkably (and creepily) similar.  Seriously.  Who designs these things?!


The dog toy is “Toys R Us Pets Suction Cup Surprise”, and according to their website, it is designed to “stimulate and entertain”.  The website also claims that it is fun to set the suction cup and watch your dog play with itself.  We really aren’t sure we want to know what the surprise part is referring to.


Potnoodle actually owns this toy and her dog I is a fan.  Check him out having loads of entertaining and stimulating fun below!



One Response to “Sex Toy or Dog Toy? Round 4”

  1. kristennoelle March 26, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

    Any amusing experiences with purchasing dog toys? Anyone give the toy an extra look?
    I wonder what Wal mart and target sell.
    Would you get a funny response? Price check on cashier 3.. This customer claims we sell this in our pet aisle but it doesn’t swipe.

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