Sex Toy Saturday Round 5

31 Mar

Sex Toy Saturday


Ok minions, it’s on.  Which is the dog toy?


This is a tricky one…

Option A

Option B


Option B is the dog toy.  Kong has done it again, this time with the “Squeezz Stick”, which if we’re being honest, sounds like the name of a sex toy far more than it does a dog toy.  The bumps seem to say “ribbed for her pleasure”  while the shape says…well, we’re not quite sure we can say what the shape says.  According to the Kong website, the Squeezz stick “comes in four vibrant colors” and is loads of fun to play with.  Loads…hehe.  Option A, while eerily similar to the Kong product, is called a “Pepper Bumpy”.   Much like the Kong, it too comes in several vibrant colors and is designed for “phenomenal play”.

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