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You Call Those Pit Bulls?! BusyBee Takes Her Turn at Ranting

30 Apr
Let’s play a game, kids.

Which one of these things is not like the others?

Horizontal Blue

If you guessed the Hippo* because it’s not blue, you’d be right, but you clearly haven’t read this blog so go back to the beginning and read again. It’s okay. We’ll wait.

The correct answer, now that you’ve caught up is… That thing on the far left.  Is it a dog? Is it a new breed of domesticated toad? Was it crushed by an enormous weight on it’s back so now, like a cartoon coyote, it’s turned into a parody of itself? Nope. People breed that. On purpose.

At least any dog under there would be an accident.

Just do a quick google search and you will see that there all sorts of “breeders” hawking these poor, deformed, unhealthy dogs. As a pittie owner, I am literally offended by the existence of such creatures.  Just…no.  I suppose the idea behind these toadstools is to look “tough”, but I am pretty sure that dogs that are built like this can’t do anything remotely badass.  Good luck even getting one across the street.

Donkey Kong meets Kate Gosselin. Discuss.

I don’t even understand the purpose of these dogs.  Apparently the people who breed these dogs don’t care about function, and apparently their idea of “form” is to make these dogs as exaggerated as possible.   I literally had to stop searching the internet for pictures of these dogs because it just made me sad.  And angry.   Most of the pictures I found were reminiscent of an ugly hippo, a  toad, or  Jabba the Hut.    Dogs who look like this are almost always given names like “Felony”, “Kilo”, “Killer”, or “Demon” and tend to belong to people dumb enough to shell out thousands of dollars for these genetic monstrosities.

Let’s make plants the go-to manly thug pet. Killer McManlypants the ficus, comes with large testicles and doesn’t shit on your lawn. It’s a win-win… Except for the ficus. I give the ficus a week.

Depending on what “line” these dogs come from, these monstrosities can cost upwards of $3,000.  Sorry to break it you, but I am pretty sure that I can find a sweet-as-pie, poorly bred pittie riddled with health issues at any shelter on any given day for less than $100.   Ok, I take that back.  In the five years I’ve been involved with rescues and pitbulls, I’ve never seen a dog come through nearly as malformed as the ones sold for big bucks by these “breeders”.  Seriously though,  can you imagine the health issues on these guys?  Joint issues, breathing issues, epic amounts of gas (come on, take a look at these dogs and tell me they can’t clear a room in 4 seconds or less), and countless other issues surely haunt these poor dogs.

Damn it! I told you not to light a match after Convicted Felon had his Beneful!

Personally, I prefer a dog that can, you know, be a dog.  Part of the joy of owning a pitbull is that they tend to be athletic, robust dogs with a zest for life.  I don’t see the allure of bringing home a dog that probably won’t ever get beyond your front yard.  I call Mr. T my “adventure dog” because he is up for anything, but I’m pretty sure the most adventure these dogs will get is attempting to lick their own ass.

It’s always an adventure if you can’t find it.

*I love hippos.  Like, I’m obsessed. I have a problem.  But apparently my hippo obsession only goes so far.   In fact, referring to these dogs as hippos is offensive is to actual hippos.

I need this.  For reasons.

Sex Toy Saturday Round 9

27 Apr

Almost 90% of the spam comments we get on the blog are from 18+ websites and we’re pretty sure today’s blog topic is the reason. That’s right… It’s Sex Toy Saturday! We’d shoot off confetti but well… there’s quite enough shooting off involved in the links from those websites, (*Bah dum chhh*) thank you.


Not this kind of shooting.



This kind of shooting.

Ready? Or not here he… oh no. No! We’re far too classy for that kind of base humor.

So Classy it hurts to be near us.


Option A

Option B


OK, so we’re kind of giving ourselves away this week with the pawprint. (At least… we hope there aren’t sex toys with paw prints… Fang has justifiably just vomited out something about furries. It’s hard to understand through the choking and gagging but we’ll just assume it’s not something anyone needed to know. Thanks internet, for ruining our lives.) It’s interesting to note that this is the first time the sex toy has been cheaper than the dog toy. The Dogstik is almost twice the price of the “First Time Love Beads” plus the beads have a handy handle for a rigorous game of… tug. We aren’t suggesting we buy a sex toy for your dog, we’re just saying the option is out there.


And this is why we can’t have nice things….

27 Apr

We recently put a short and sweet Facebook Status up about dogs preventing us from having nice things, and based on the amazing response we got, we felt this topic was deserving of its very own blog entry.



Nice Thing # 1:  A Fur-Free Existence


I’ve finally accepted that there will always be dog fur on my carpet, on my furniture, on my clothes, on my bathroom floor, my kitchen floor (rolling like tumbleweeds), in the lint trap in the clothes dryer, on the back of the toilet where it apparently falls off my clothes, in my car, and  in my mouth (bleccchh, pffffft, ptooie).  I’m also pretty sure Mr. T’s fur has also made several international trips (Somewhere in Tokyo, someone is eating sushi with a side of Mr. T fur).   It’s not that I don’t try to keep up with it, I do.  I even invested in a ridiculously expensive pet hair vacuum and other hair-catching tools, but nothing does the trick.  Porcupine quills have less staying power. Mr. T has the perfect length and texture fur to weave it’s way into everything and hold on for dear life.  His fur is like an unwanted houseguest..who messes up shit, stays longer than they should,  and doesn’t pay rent.


I’m going to be another week or two, or at least until I get my shit together. Also, I used your toothbrush.

Nice Thing # 2:  A Boyfriend


I call Mr. T the love of my life.  That’s probably not helping in the dating department.   Neither is sharing a bed with him.  And certainly talking (fine, singing) to him on a regular basis isn’t helping my case either.  And finally, like many dog owners, I have a “dog walking wardrobe” that I put on when I am heading out with Mr. T.  These are clothes that are practical and that I don’t mind getting wet, muddy, or hairy (see Nice Thing #1).  I was feeling quite ok about my dog clothes until my mom came to visit and told me I looked like a homeless person.  When I told her that I really didn’t care how I looked when I was taking Mr. T on two hour walks, she looked at me with all seriousness and said, “Maybe you should.”  I thought it was just my mom being, well, a mom, so I blew it off.  Not long after,l a male neighbor saw me heading to work and literally said “Wow, you are wearing real clothes!”  Um yeah…maybe it’s time I realize that what makes for practical dog-walking clothes may not be the most attractive or alluring to men.  And if you think this act of public shaming has changed the way I head outside with my dog…you’d be wrong. I keep holding out hope that there must be reasonably attractive single men in their 30s who are attracted to dog-obsessed, song-singing, dog-fur covered, yoga pant wearing women, right?  RIGHT?! Sigh.


Soooo not what I meant.

Nice Thing # 3:  Sleep


When I first got Mr. T, I had this (naive) idea that we would be snuggle buddies and sleep peacefully side-by-side and wake up refreshed and happy in the morning.  Sadly, I was mistaken, as I have been cursed with a “morning dog”.  Seriously, this dog does not understand the concept of sleeping past 6 am.   As much as I love him, every time I see his smiling face before 7 am (especially on a weekend), I resort to calling him names and grumbling expletives.  I swear sometimes he wakes me up and doesn’t even want anything other than to tell me how much he’s missed me, despite having spent all night literally suffocating me (Note to Mr. T:  While I am glad you are comfortable, having 75 pounds of dog sleeping on my head doesn’t exactly work for me.)  If my calculations are correct, he owes me roughly 8,942 hours of sleep.


Replace that leg with his head and that sleeping person with a squinty-eyed rage beast and it’s accurate. 



Nice Thing #1: A Not-Embarrassing Wardrobe.


I am not exactly a fashionista, but pre-dogs I wasn’t exactly a slob either. While I own a fair selection of hoodies and jeans, they were interspersed with skirts, nice shirts, and occasionally a dress. My dogs, however, have no such appreciation. In the past year alone I’ve lost 5 pockets, one knee, and several hems to dog antics/poaching and my budget can’t take much more.


That Bastard shrunk it in the dryer. I knew I shouldn’t have let him browse at Saks.

Nice Thing #2: A Clean Car


I admit it. My car is a mess. What was once a beautiful Subaru is now a hovel of dog training detritus and the wrappers from treats, both human and canine. I spend a lot of time in the car with the dogs, and I mean a lot. Between work, training, classes, and just plain old errand running, it’s always full of something and rarely is that something you want. I am actually embarrassed to take it to the dealer. I can feel the judgment and I don’t have the big-ass Malinois in the back to frighten off commentary.


“Yes it is a Panda Express Wrapper, racist! I was hungry! It was late! I was busy! Fuck off!”

Nice Thing #3: The Ability to Talk to People


Really it’s more the ability to not talk to people like they’re one of my dogs, and talk may be generous. A typical meeting with me since dog ownership has turned from a somewhat stilted but at least normal conversational to what I could only describe as demented charades with some imperatives thrown in for good measure. It’s never more obvious than interacting with my friend’s little boy. He’s three, adorable, and smart yet somehow I acquire the same tone as I do with Z. It’s identical to the point of being commented on… frequently. Whoops. I suppose I could defend it in saying that good dog training has a lot in common with kid training (I’m sure you call it training.) but… eh. At least I’m consistent?


Braylee! I said Heel!


Nice Thing #1: A Social Life

BusyBee’s boyfriend conundrum aside, I’d settle for just a decent social life. I’m a soon-to-be college senior and the amount of time I spend partying is… nothing. I don’t go out to bars with friends very often because I’m at home, tending my dogs. When not at home with them, I’m at work (tending dogs that are not mine) so that I can pay to support their expensive hobbies. Weekends at trials, afternoons training… I have no time to hang out with peers. The time I do have is spent talking to other dog people, mostly online.

Woo hoo! Crazy Weekend!

Nice Thing #2: Money

From the freezer I bought just for my dogs to the thirty plus collars to trial weekends… I invest a lot of cash in to my dogs. Add vet bills to all that and it gets ridiculous. And to think, I groom my own dogs so at least I don’t have to pay for two standard poodle grooms at least once every six weeks. Of course, I could be cheaper. They probably don’t NEED quite so many collars and there are cheap kibbles out there but what can I say, I have to keep them in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.

Send that back. I wanted my liver RARE! Not medium rare!


Nice Thing #3: Privacy

Pet owners joke about it all the time. Get a dog, never pee alone. Thing is, I LIKE to pee alone. Also shower (I’m looking at you, I. Stop moving the shower curtain while I’m showering.) I’d even be happy taking a nap without a clingy white poodle attached to me. I live in the south, I do not need a living fur blanket. My female poodle is a good girl. She’s happy outside the bathroom, and will leave the door alone. Not so much with my boy. He whines and cries. Eventually he will give up and lay down but then I trip over him when I walk out of the room. I love him, but we’ve reached critical levels of cling.

The varying levels of cling.

Dog ruining your life? We want to know about it!

WTF Wednesday

25 Apr

When we first ran across today’s WTF Wednesday topic a few weeks ago, we thought we had stumbled into a corner of the internet usually reserved for tentacle porn or those people who molest their food before eating it.


We hope this isn’t an indication of the future.

While we don’t think this is quite as disturbing, we must admit that this is incredibly weird.


Those are dogs…in panty hose (and some really wicked shoes, but that is not the point we are making here).  Dogs in tights. Why? We aren’t really sure.

It appears to be some weird new internet trend that we don’t really understand. To be honest, we don’t really want to understand.

Potnoodle tried putting her dog, I, in panty hose for today’s topic but… well, with his long docked tail, it ended up looking like someone hid the body tape at a Drag show. We’ll leave you with that mental image and spare you the actual image. Pretty sure he liked the heels though. Kicky.

Doodle Rage: Potnoodle’s own private issues with this ”breed”

22 Apr

I have quite a bit of rage in my heart. Almost  30% of it is dedicated to jaywalkers that I just want to run down in my car, but that’s off topic.

It’s like grand theft auto. In a volvo.

An even greater portion is dedicated to the breeding and breeders of “doodles”.

This is a doodle.

This is why Potnoodle sobs at night.

Honestly, I’m not even one of those people that can take the high road and forgive the dogs of their owner’s folly. They’re gross, they’re dumb, and they’re ugly. And I don’t like the way their mommy dresses them either.


When I worked for a groomer, we had at least one a week come in, mostly goldendoodles, both miniature and standard sized. They usually smelled like ass, often had foreign objects embedded in their pelt, and were invariably named something like Carlton.

It’s not unusual… to be a total fucktard if you own a doodle.

The Owners:

Real Dog People don’t own doodles. Doodle owners sometimes evolve into Real Dog People when they wisen up and go for a rescue or a breeder for their next dog. If a RDP wants a mixed breed, they go for a rescue or perhaps, if they’re a special kind of idiot, a purposeful sport mix.

Probably not this kind of sport dog but close enough.

Most Common Reasons for getting a Doodle.

1. We wanted a hypo-allergenic dog.

There are many, many reasons this is wrong. Most importantly, even actual non- shedding breeds are not hypo-allergenic. That’s right. Every lie every poodle back yard breeder has ever told you is just that– a lie. Sorry.

It’s not so bad… but I can’t reach my butt.

2. We want a dog that doesn’t shed.


Sorry, dumbass,  there’s no guarantee that f1 cross isn’t going to leak hair like an Alaskan Gas line leaks oil. I’d say get a poodle if you want something that doesn’t shed, but I don’t want you besmirching the good name of my breed. Get a stuffed animal, we’ll all sleep better at night.

Get this. We’ll like you if you get this.

3. “We want a dog with the hair of a poodle and the brains of a lab/golden”

No. I can’t even. Just get out. If you’re the sort of person that says that and you read this blog… just stop. We don’t need your views.

109 stones. How’s that lab brain sounding now?

The Dog

Doodles are dumb. Ask any trainer, groomer, or person that has looked at one for more than ten minutes at a dog park. Poodles are incredibly intelligent. Golden Retrievers are smart and very willing to please. Labs are… well labs are labs, but whatever, they’re smarter than doodles. I’m not really sure what happens in that fuckery of gene muddling that doodles are, but it’s bad. They run in to shit. they have no dog/dog manners, and they’re no good at what either breed was bred to do. For science*, I googled “Doodle retrieving ducks” and I got…. nothing. There were a few pics of doodles being the ugly ball of scruff that they are, several of standard poodles retrieving and even a few of Irish water spaniels. Pro tip: those aren’t doodles.

*Science. It works, Bitches.


Got Doodle rage? Got Potnoodle rage because she hates doodles? Feel free to get it all out in the comments.

Sex Toy Saturday

21 Apr

It’s time kids! Well, not kids. Kids, please don’t read this. Little pitchers big… erm. Yeah, just don’t read on.

The Level has been found (Image courtesy of somewhere that’s not us)

In any event, we’ve got a tricky one for you this Saturday,  so strap on your pervert pants (or pervert pantyhose, or whatever our readers wear under their trenchcoats) and get guessing!

Those are sexy suspenders. It’s totally fine if he’s a pervert.

Got wood? These manufacturers do, and they’re all about the sharing for your pleasure… or your dogs…or both. We don’t judge*.

Option A:

It’s long and hard and ready for you.

Option B:

Ridged for  _____________ ‘s pleasure.

We’ll just give you a moment to contemplate those with some thematic music.

Or perhaps something to match the jungle beats offered by the subtle curve of its tumidity.

Or it’s just hilariously bad and Fang loves this song.

Didja guess yet? No… It’s okay, we’ll be waiting right here.

Don’t click it! It’s a trap!

Well minions, if you guessed A, you’d be completely and totally incorrect. That little beauty is the JW Pet Bark Stick. These are the people who brought you the Cuz brand toys (Those balls with feet and the horns or no horns depending on their relative behavior in a land populated entirely by dog toys.) and this stick-thing is no exception. Described as eloquently as possible, the stick is designed so you may “Throw it and let your dog retrieve the stick.”. Yup, that totally clarifies its usage now.

So that leaves us with Option B. If you picked this, we’re concerned about you as a person. No, really, we’re worried. In case you’re wondering why we say that it’s because this is also a dog toy! I know, we’re bitches. This little gem is the Griggles Rubber Stick. We like to imagine there are multiple sticks of multiple materials but maybe that’s just us.

The Butter Stick. Your dog will love it even if your carpet won’t.

These do not look like things that should enter any orifice ever.  EVER!   Yes minions, are both dog toys.  For real.  Toys meant for dogs.  Both of them. Don’t get any ideas. We know you will.

*We totally judge.

Stupid Questions DO exist.

20 Apr

One of the things that makes us the most rage-filled here at The Dog Snobs are some of the inane questions that we are repeatedly asked about our own dogs.   These questions range from remarkably stupid to downright offensive.  In this entry, each of us will share our least favorite questions we get asked on a regular basis.





Given the amount of time I spend out and about with Mr. T, it is no wonder that I get asked a lot of questions.  I consider myself a fairly outgoing person and normally don’t mind talking to strangers (I know, I know….something must be wrong with me), but when the questions are dog-related and markedly stupid, it’s all I can do to remain calm.


1.  Given that I own a pitbull mix, I can’t even tell you the number of conversations that I’ve had that go a little something like this….


Ignoramus:  Oh wow, is that a pitbull?

Me:  Yes, a mix.

Ignoramus:  Oh wow, did you rescue him from a fighting ring?

Me:  Nope.

Ignoramus:  I read about Michael Vick online.  Is he like one of those dogs?

Me:  Nope.  Definitely not a former fighting dog.

Ignoramus:  Really?

Me:  Seriously.

Ignoramus:  Oh, then, what is that scar on his nose?

Me:  He crashed into a fence while playing.

Ignoramus: Oh, well what about the big scar on his neck?

Me:  Sigh.  That is from when he got attacked by a Golden Retriever.

Ignoramus:  Wow, if he looks like that, I can only imagine what the Golden looked like.

Me:  Actually, Mr. T didn’t fight back at all…

Ignoramus: But he’s a pitbull….



Variants of this conversation include asking me if I am scared Mr. T will turn on me suddenly (yes, I live in fear) or asking if I know about their lock-jaws and heads-too-small-for-their-brains (whose brains are too small??).  As much as I try to educate people and be a good ambassador for the breed, people who don’t actually want to listen and instead want to prove how much they know about pitbulls (because everything you read online is true) just infuriate me to no end.   I’m pretty sure these are the same people who spout political rhetoric word-for-word after hearing a pundit say it on TV.   It’s all I can do to stop myself from kicking these people in the babymaker and running away.


Mr. T: 0 Fence:1

2.  “Awww, she’s so cute!”

Um, yeah.  Mr. T has a penis.  I know it is small, but it is there.  I swear*.   I won’t go more into now this since Potnoodle thinks I should devote an entire blog entry about my feelings on this subject, but seriously people, if you squint and tilt your head at at 38 degree angle, you can clearly see he is a male.


*It’s laughably tiny. It’s like a little innie belly button.


Spot the not junk

3.  “What kind of dog is that?  Let me guess…Rottweiler?  No….Poodle?  Oh, he’s definitely a Boxer.  Wait…I got it!  Jack Russell?”

While Mr. T’s origins are mostly unknown (clearly there is some pittie in there), some of the breeds people guess for him are downright laughable.  I’ve gotten Rottweiler more times than I can count, and given Mr. T is solid white, I am fairly certain these individuals don’t actually know what a Rottweiler actually looks like.   I also once had a person *insist* that there was such a breed as a Giant Jack Russell (you know, like a Giant Schnauzer).  I’ve found that other people are much more eager to label Mr. T than I am. I’m going to start calling him an “Russo-American Smooth Speckled Terrier” and see what people say.

The closest Mr. T will ever get to being a poodle.


I love to take my dogs in public. They like to get out, I enjoy being around them. It’s win/win. Then you add in the general public… I hate questions. I don’t like to interact with people I don’t know. When the people I don’t know are asking stupid questions I don’t even know how to respond. Some examples;


1. “How much did that dog cost? That dog looks real expensive!”

I have poodles. Not the ratty little kind your grandmother used to carry around but actual real Standard Poodles. They are generally well groomed and they just look fancy, to be honest. Still, that does NOT give anyone the right to ask me how much I paid for them. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than someone asking how much I paid for my dogs. Usually I laugh it off but I’m always more tempted to ask them what they make in a year or how much their pants cost. It’s tacky, people, stop doing that.

“I was pretty cheap but you might as well feed me money for all the shit I’m going to destroy.”

2.” Is that really a poodle? I’ve never seen one that size. “

No,  I just told you that for shits and giggles. This is actually a giant fuzzy muppethund. Very rare. Yes, asshat, it is a poodle. Your runny nosed four year old has been screaming poodle since she saw us across the park. Does IQ go down as you age or is she just the genius of the family?

Pictured: The Extra Giant version of the Giant Fuzzy Muppethund

3. “Is that a ____doodle?” or “Look Muffy, it’s your cousin!”

I get this from doodle owners a lot and NOTHING pisses me off like my dogs being compared to doodles. I have a deep, deep loathing in my soul for purposefully bastardized dogs, I should probably talk to my therapist about it because there are a lot of rage issues there. This is the one question that will get a less than civil answer from me. Usually, I respond with “No, they are purebred Standard Poodles. Your dog is a mutt.” I’m a bitch about it and I have no shame. I love mixed breed dogs. I grew up and started training with an australian cattle dog- border collie mix. So-called “designer dogs” are a whole other story. I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it.

I tried to find a picture but I was pushed in to a rage.

*What annoying questions do you get about your own dogs? Share below!*

WTF Wednesday

18 Apr

Your dog has an asshole. Deal with it.



Spot the asshole.


they’re running from the shame.



We have so many questions about this products. Do people actually buy that? Do dogs actually wear them? Can I get one with a famous political figure?

According to the site, you can customize your very own rear gear.  Are butt covers something you can get behind?  (See what we did there…behind…har har) If so, what would you have printed?  Share below!

Owner Profile: The Suburban Outdoorsman

16 Apr

For this installation of “Owner Profiling”, we bring to you the “Suburban Outdoorsman”.

“We have time for this blog because we’re single. It’s our party and we can include half naked men if we want to.”


At first glance, the Suburban Outdoorsman (SO) appears to be an avid hunter or outdoor enthusiast.  They drive the largest of SUVs or trucks, dress in camouflage or lumberjack plaid, generally paired with heavy duty work boots.  However, upon getting to know them, it is clear that these individuals have never actually spent time in the outdoors (no, walking an outdoor mall does not count) or done anything remotely rugged. Sitting in a bus to go up a mountain is no more a hike than sitting in a Denny’s.


I guess there could be squirrels in that… but nothing else from nature.


Common Locations:

Found deep within the suburbs, the SO is rarely is found outside of a 3 mile radius of their home. The SO can often be found shopping at Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop buying things for themselves or their dogs that they will never actually use. It is not uncommon to see them walking around the block with a bear bell attached to their dog’s collar.

See, it says outdoors. That totally counts.

Breeds Owned: Hounds, Pointers, and some varieties of retrievers. In the south, you’ll also find them amongst the suburban “hawg dawg” set with curs, catahoulas and various other hunting breeds.


Douchebag Spotted!

Skill Level:  

Low. These owners commonly buy breeds that are typically seen as outdoorsy and then have no idea how to handle them.


I’m ready! Where’s the cows? We are hunting cows… right?

Catch Phrases:

“Does this camo vest come in XXL?”, “I totally intend to maybe one day in the not-so-near future take my dog hunting..or on a hike”, “I had a dog just like him when I was a kid, he was a great hunter”


He was really more of a hunter gatherer

Anecdotal Evidence:


BusyBee:  There is a monster truck that I see daily in our garage, equipped with Bass Pro stickers, deer decals, and a pro-gun bumper sticker.  By first appearances, it looks like this guy is heavily involved with hunting.  However,  I happen to know the guy who owns said truck, and let me tell you, he and his Vizsla have probably never seen anything outside of the city limits.  Although his dog wears an e-collar at all times (yes, while on-leash in the city on walks around the block), I’ve also seen his dog prance, jump, and whine when faced with puddles or any sort of mud, so I’m having a hard time imagining them barreling through the trees after a duck or rabbit. I’m also pretty sure that the truck never leaves the garage, as it is always there and way cleaner than my own admittedly urban car.  Given that even the city gets muddy and gross in the winter, I highly doubt his car has seen anything other than a Taco Time drive-thru.


Potnoodle: Living in the south means I’m constantly surrounded with these people. Just because you have a twangy accent and access to Real Tree merchandise does not make you a sportsman. When dogs are added to the mix, it gets even worse. Turns out, if you want to hunt with a dog, you have to do a little more training than buying it a bright orange collar. My poodles have more experience in the field than these people and that drives the SO nuts.


Fang: I admit it. I love Gander Mountain. What I do not love, however is the expanse of camouflage worn by every dog who walks into the business where I’m employed. These 4000lb Labradors have only ever seen one kind of duck, and it generally can be purchased at Petco. Plastic orange collars, camo vests and bedding, manly man toys of ducks, grouse and geese, like their dogs would even know what to do if they came across one. Thankfully, dogs are much more forgiving than they (and we) deserve. Most are entirely content to grow larger on the couch while their owner spins tall tales of Paul Bunyan proportions about their hunting prowess. It doesn’t, however, make their owner less of a douchebag. It just means their dog forgives them for being a lying liar.

Nothing about this is forgivable.

Sex Toy Saturday Round 7

14 Apr

Happy Saturday! We’re here to ruin your week again. This is our first ever sex toy exclusively aimed at men, and we are honestly disturbed by the google image search that resulted.


Option A


Option B




If you said “A” is the dog toy, you would be correct!


Option A is a Crinkit water bottle toy, and according to their website, the toy is meant to create a “snug fit” and is “durable and flexible.”   That’s what she said. (ba dum dum)


Option B is…something we hope we successfully cleared from our search history.