First Dog Snob Photo Contest: Show Us Your Dog Snob

7 Apr

This was posted to Facebook last night, posting here for those of you that haven’t liked us on Facebook. You should really get on that…

Who’s the biggest snob? So our super-cool Viszla picture is not actually ours… Yeah yeah we know Copyright laws, lawsuits, angry fines etc. So we’ve come up with a solution that we think you’re going to like… *drumroll* A Contest! Specifically a photo contest of your snobbiest canine companion.
-The first winner, as selected by us (Who’s better to judge you than us, right?) gets the illustrious honor of being our profile picture and a blog feature including our ever so present opinions on whatever topic you’d like us to riff on with your feature photo included.
-The second winner is selected by you, our readers and the ever popular Facebook “Like”. Get your friends, dog compatriots and your mother (if she’s cool with talking about sex toys because if she’s not be prepared for a lecture) to like you picture and you could win a (new) questionable dog toy we’ve featured on the blog. It’s our choice so don’t get greedy.

-Now for the boring bits: The photo must be of your dog or a dog owned by your immediate family. You must have the rights to the photo (no watermarks please). Enter by emailing us your pictures at We’re also holding you hostage and making you like us to win. You can take it back, but we know who you are so Ha! Snobby is totally subjective but some snobby things that might get you some bonus points; Raised eyebrows, smirks, moustaches, monocles, Kafk, Tolstoy or any obscure literature that we would know but no one else would because we’re hipster like that.

The Deadline for Snobby Pics is April 31st.
Send entries to us as an attachment at with your name, the dog’s name, and what makes them the snobbiest in the land.
Happy picture taking minions

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