Sex Toy Saturday Round 9

27 Apr

Almost 90% of the spam comments we get on the blog are from 18+ websites and we’re pretty sure today’s blog topic is the reason. That’s right… It’s Sex Toy Saturday! We’d shoot off confetti but well… there’s quite enough shooting off involved in the links from those websites, (*Bah dum chhh*) thank you.


Not this kind of shooting.



This kind of shooting.

Ready? Or not here he… oh no. No! We’re far too classy for that kind of base humor.

So Classy it hurts to be near us.


Option A

Option B


OK, so we’re kind of giving ourselves away this week with the pawprint. (At least… we hope there aren’t sex toys with paw prints… Fang has justifiably just vomited out something about furries. It’s hard to understand through the choking and gagging but we’ll just assume it’s not something anyone needed to know. Thanks internet, for ruining our lives.) It’s interesting to note that this is the first time the sex toy has been cheaper than the dog toy. The Dogstik is almost twice the price of the “First Time Love Beads” plus the beads have a handy handle for a rigorous game of… tug. We aren’t suggesting we buy a sex toy for your dog, we’re just saying the option is out there.


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