Sex Toy Saturday

25 May

Honestly, we’re starting to dread Saturdays.

Option A

Option B

DogProjekt, you really just need to stop. Sure, this week is another easy one because it is labeled but, COME ON. This is really just going too far. Obviously Option B is the dog toy. However,  we suggest you watch the instructional video on the Tenga website for clarification.  Or not.  Yeah, just don’t.

Not to leave out our male readers (do we have male readers??) this week’s sex toy is ribbed for HIS pleasure. Don’t worry ladies…. you can flip it inside out and use it for yourself too. Truly a good egg.  Note that both the sex toy and the dog toy have convenient openings at the bottom that you can stuff…err…things into. If it’s peanut butter, I think they’ve just found a new sharing market.

Watching Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka will never be the same.

I suppose asking if it is cream filled would be tasteless…

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