Sex Toy or Dog Toy; The Aquatic Edition

22 Sep

Did you miss being absolutely disgusted every Saturday? For that one freak that raised their hand, this aquatic edition of Sex Toy or Dog Toy Saturday is dedicated to you. The rest of you… sorry.

Option A

Option B

This week is a hard one… need some time to think?

Time’s up! If you guessed option A was the sex toy…. you’d be wrong.  Despite a description that reads “It’s made of all natural latex that can bear the tough love that you(r dog) will show to this little friend”, option A is a dog toy.  Seriously.  Option B, on the other hand, is a sex toy called the “I Rub My Ducky”. That makes the proceeding video a lot creepier. Rubber Ducky is the one indeed…

One Response to “Sex Toy or Dog Toy; The Aquatic Edition”

  1. tarynft September 23, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

    LOL! Well at least with Option B being the sex toy, you can avoid the embarrassment of going to the adult toy store and just grab one on your next trip to Walmart! Come to think of it, we’ve got one sitting in the guest bathroom….Hmmmmm….hopefully none of our future guests read this post 😉


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