Dog Snobs tackle Yahoo answers… again.

28 Sep

Yahoo Answers….where brain cells go to die.    And where stupid people usually get even stupider answers to their even more stupid questions.  Lucky for them, we’re here to help.  And by help, we mean give answers in the way only a Dog Snob can.

Yes. It’s a better alternative to the pole.

When they’re born, roughly fifty percent do. We recommend you have them removed, along with any reproductive parts you may still have hanging around, lest we be in danger when we encounter your genetically stupid children.

The Baja men.  Or maybe that pesky neighbor kid. Either way, get off Yahoo answers and get the dog back before they get hit by a car, dumbass.

Heaven spelled backwards?  Yes.  It’s stupid.  If you are even considering naming your dog (or child) this, you really need to get out of the trailer park, take the rollers out of your hair, and get a job.

Yes, and they’re judging you for that tacky dolphin jumping over a butterfly tattoo you got on your ass in college.

We suggest a Breaking Bad marathon. If you don’t have Netflix, maybe a few jokes or a tapdance routine.

It’s probably the rabies. You have two options, Old Yeller or Cujo. Which are really the same option… good luck with that.

*Brindle.. and all you need to know about him is that your are too stupid to own him. Take him back.

How about you pee on a damn stick and stop relying on your weird fetish dog and yahoo for all the answers.

**Want to see us give more fantastic answers?  Check out our previous installment here.

3 Responses to “Dog Snobs tackle Yahoo answers… again.”

  1. Jessica Corbett September 28, 2013 at 11:57 am #

    One of my favorites is, “I’m in labor. What should I do?”

    • Aubrey September 28, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

      Kill it with FIRE! At least, that is what I always answer with lol.


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