A Year of Snobbery Photo Contest Winners

22 Feb

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.  Or maybe Indian Food.  We much prefer that.   Mmm…paneer.  Naan…..Ok, sorry.  Back to the contest.   In honor of our one year anniversary at the end of this month, we were looking for photos of how your dogs would celebrate a year of Dog Snobbery.   Without any further ado, here are our winners:


The grand prize winner, chosen by us, and the recipient of a gift certificate to Paco Dog Collars, is……….Chuck!!  Between the hand-painted Dog Snob party hat and the cupcakes spelling out Dog Snob, we were thoroughly impressed.   Congratulations Brittany & Chuck!!

The second winner, based on number of likes, is adorable Daisy, whose owner Georgia, has won the right to be our profile photo for the month of March and the ability to suggest a blog topic of her choosing for us to riff on.

Finally,  although we received tons of entries, we were particularly impressed by a few people who must have excelled in grade school reading comprehension, as they submitted photos that were tailored specifically to the Dog Snobs and our one year anniversary.  Therefore, we have three “Honorable Mentions”, whom will be rewarded with dehydrated bull penises (yay!) for their efforts.   Congrats to:


           -Molly and her Poodle Chaco

           -Christine and her Doxie Crew


           -Nicole and Tater

Congrats to our winners and honorable mentions!  If you could please all follow up with us at thedogsnobs@gmail.com within two weeks with more information on how to claim your prize, that would be fantastic.


One Response to “A Year of Snobbery Photo Contest Winners”

  1. Jean February 23, 2014 at 5:48 am #

    I’m thinking that Daisy’s blog topic should be people who dress their dogs in costumes to win contests. Especially costumes with booties. Just sayin’

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