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Fashion Police: Dog Snob Edition

31 May

You know how in some activities there is a sort of unofficial uniform? Not things that require actual uniforms like… water polo, but more like, let’s say, golf. No one decreed on the first day of golfdom “All men shall wear argyle and ridiculous hats, this is my will. Let it be so.”


“At least we think so. Did the lord of Golf decree this?”

Anyway, what we were getting to before things got all “Legend of Bagger Vance”…. people that do the same activity tend to have a certain code of dress, style, or even brand that they are dedicated to…. and Dog Sports are no different. Today we are here to give you a handy guide to guessing what people are doing at a dog show… based purely on their clothing. So basically… stereotyping. Our favorite activity!


Exhibit A)



We’ll start with an easy one. Pastel suits and sensible shoes.  Awkwardly fitting skirt suits in any color generally are an indicator that a woman is involved in conformation.  Men can be a little trickier, as they range from crisply pleated khakis to impeccably fitted black suits.   Sequins are generally reserved for judges, but occasionally a young (read: under 60) upstart will dare to wear them as well.


Exhibit B)


Photo courtesy of Katy Johnson

Photo courtesy of Katy Johnson

Vibrams AND tight pants.  (Photo courtesy of Kelli Roman)

Vibrams AND tight pants. (Photo courtesy of Kelli Roman)

Once upon a time, If you saw someone wearing Vibram shoes and yoga pants, there was a good chance that  person was involved with agility. Nowadays, it’s easier to spot Vibrams and yoga pants at your nearest college campus, but if you have a foot fetish and a hankering for leggings worn as pants… an agility trial is still a good place to go. While there,  it is also highly likely to see people wearing tie-dye shirts (bonus points if it’s a the Best Q is a ResQ shirt), athletic shorts, and even ill-fitting sweatpants.  A solid guide. The more intense the person is about the sport, the more intense their clothing gets. (Either that or they’re a giant newb with a mastercard.) See someone in running tights and shoes that cost more than your first car? It’s a solid bet they are heading back to their crate to grab their Border Collie, strap him into his y front harness and tug lead and have him drag them all the way back to the starting line.


Exhibit C)

Yee haw!  (Photo courtesy of Jamie Ohman)

Yee haw! (Photo courtesy of Jamie Ohman)

Fine, this is a RuPaul's Drag Race contestant.  Close enough.

Fine, this is a RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant. Close enough.

If someone is roaming about wearing copious amounts of glitter and sequins or dressed up as some type of septuagenarian cowgirl or urban matador, it’s a pretty sure bet that they are involved in canine freestyle.  If the dog on the end of their leash is also dressed in costume then it’s a guarantee. We aren’t sure who started the match your dog craze in freestyle… but we would like to meet them. Possibly go through their closet. There’s guaranteed to be a lifetime’s worth of sparkle in there. We like sparkle.


Exhibit D)

Photo courtesy of Renee Wagner

Photo courtesy of Renee Wagner

Reflective windbreaker.  Check.  Boots.  Check.  What are you looking at ladies and gentleman is someone involved in tracking. Can we really mock this? Utilitarian is the name of the game in tracking, apparently. Needs more creepy toe shoes.


Exhibit E)

Honestly, since you can’t read her shirt there isn’t a lot to mock here… but that dog’s face is life changing.(Photo courtesy of Nicole Vaughn)

Honestly, since you can’t read her shirt there isn’t a lot to mock here… but that dog’s face is life changing.(Photo courtesy of Nicole Vaughn)

More yoga pants? Yep.  They’re pretty much a dog sport staple.  Get used to it.  In terms of flyball-specific gear, look out for groups of people wearing color coordinated t-shirts with ball-related sayings (heheh…balls).  Although not technically a fashion accessory, they are also easily identifiable by their hordes of screaming dogs hanging from the end of brightly colored fleece tugs.


Exhibit F)

Photo courtesy of Melissa Phillips

Photo courtesy of Melissa Phillips Grant

See that person wearing camo, Carhart pants, and waders?  No, you don’t see them? (Camo joke. Please excuse us.) They aren’t Duck Dynasty rejects, they’re people doing Hunt Tests with their dogs.  People that ordinarily wouldn’t be caught dead in camo may just don it to title their dogs… and we’re pretty sure that’s the only acceptable time to do so. (That and… you know… actual hunting… You can wear camo when you hunt.)


Exhibit G)

We can’t explain this. We just can’t. It may  haunt us though. (Photo courtesy of Trent Steele)

We can’t explain this. We just can’t. It may
haunt us though. (Photo courtesy of Trent Steele)

Big black dog named Vader, Dorky team name on hat, Darth Vader Tshirt to match team name/dog. (Photo courtesy of Karen Cummings)

Big black dog named Vader, Dorky team name on hat, Darth Vader Tshirt to match team name/dog. (Photo courtesy of Karen Cummings)

When dockdiving folks aren’t parading around in spandex, it’s much more likely to see them in shirts with Team names, or even sponsors. When not wearing team shirts, it can be difficult to tell your average dock diving enthusiast from your average college football tailgater. Tie-Dye is not uncommon on the dock.


**Surely we missed something.  Tell us in the comments.  Or show us your own fashion stylings.  Just be prepared to be mocked.  It’s what we do.**

WTF Wednesday

29 May

Once again, the dog industry has made another contraption that actually adds steps to cleaning up dog poop.   Seriously people, if you don’t want to clean up poop, don’t get a dog.  This is quickly becoming our WTF Wednesday mantra. Seriously guys, even Barbie is doing it.

We present to you… the poop vacuum. That’s right… a vacuum for fecal matter. So, instead of a simple bag that you can toss in the trash you now have a device that has to be scrubbed (we assume? surely you don’t just leave it filthy?) We’d go on… but the website really covers any further mocking we could do. Go ahead, go look. 

Want to see it in action?  Check out this hard-hitting news segment here

Also, check out minion Sara snobbing away at the 1:13 mark.  And her hand is less expensive?  That’s what she said….


Real Keen Leash Review

21 May

A few months ago, a lovely reader named Debbie offered to send us some of her hand-felted leashes from her company Real Keen leashes.   Now that we’ve been using them for a while, we wanted to share our (not totally unbiased) reviews.


-Because they are handmade, every piece is unique and made to order

-So soft!

-Great tug leashes!



-As clearly stated on the website and packaging, these leashes are meant only for dogs who are well-behaved on leash and are not suitable for dogs who are strong pullers.  While that is fine for our dogs, you can see how that knocks out a good portion of dog owners… and that’s okay. The deal is if you can’t teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash then you don’t deserve nice things and these leashes are nice things. If your dog still pulls on the leash, allow us to point you to yet another mass lupine dealer.



Of all three Dog Snobs, I am definitely the most utilitarian when it comes to leashes, as in, I have one that I use pretty much all the time and it is made out of recycled climbing rope.  Not exactly anything fancy.  I’ve been using the same kind of leash since I got Mr. T six years ago, and am pretty much content sticking to my ways.  That being said, I was excited about the idea of trying something new, especially something handmade.  Debbie asked us what colors we were interested in, and away she went.  When the leash arrived at my doorstep a few weeks later, I was in love.  The tag that came along with the leash described all the different types of yarn (mmm alpaca) in them and you can tell how much attention went into creating them.  Now that I’ve been using it for a while, I’ve really gotten used to how it feels versus my other leash and I love how soft it is,  Plus,  every time I’ve used it I’ve gotten tons of compliments, and who can blame them, it’s a thing of hand-crafted beauty!

My precious

My precious


I feel like I’m probably the Dog Snob with the most hoarder like tendencies. I like stuff. I LOVE dog stuff. I have a lot of it but I can honestly say I don’t have anything like the Real Keen leash I received. Another confession, I’m a knitter. I was indoctrinated at a local yarn shop so along with being a Dog Snob, I’m a bit of a yarn snob. I LOVE knowing what went in to these leashes, and the yarn she uses is top quality. The personal touches, like knowing the yarn and the thought went into making them, really puts these leashes above anything else. I’d compare the strength and stretchyness to a braided fleece leash so again, not for pullers. My non-tugger poodle (Who’ll tug if I ask nicely and cover whatever it is in the flesh of dead rabbits) LOVES to tug with his real keen… a fact I probably should have accepted given how much he likes to rip in to my yarn stash and shred my various felted things.


It’s okay. You’re allowed to be jealous of his facial hair flapping in the wind.


So I have this thing where I am picky. I know, it shocked me too, but I am what I am. I’m always game for new stuff so I made up my order which was more like a “Well the Malinois wears red now, so okay” and off we went. Even the skeptic, I figured if I hated it (And I’m not a crafty person nor do I have wool-gasms) Potnoodle could have it. Many months passed of Potnoodle holding my leash hostage for enormous sums of cheesecake. Finally the other weekend (And why this has taken so damn long*) the leash was retrieved and used as a makeshift puppy harness and walking thingy. The puppy is a fan and so am I. It’s the perfect puppy tug. Soft, a little bit stretchy, thick but not too thick. Needless to say the skeptic is a fan.


Tugging Hell Beast

*perhaps next time Fang will have it sent to her own abode and Potnoodle won’t have to hold it hostage.
***We were given three leashes and asked to review them. These are our honest opinions on those leashes.

If you have a dog product you’d like the Dog Snobs to review, send us an email at and do keep in mind that there are three of us.

That’s Ultimate Grand Supreme Leaders, thanks. a.k.a. Changes to expect when the Dog Snobs rule the world.

19 May

As you may or may not have noticed… The Dog Snobs have a mission. You my think our mission is to enlighten the idiots with dogs among us but that’s only a byproduct of our true goal. Our Goal to take over the world.

You'd better not.

You’d better not.


Ahem. Now that we’ve got the evil laugh out of the way, we’re here to tell you of our what we plan to change when we rule the earth.


1. No More Flexis.

“But but but, Dog Snobs!” you say, “We use that for pottying/biking/jumprope with school children” and to that we say “Fuck that.” Use a long line, use a bike attachment, use and actual jump rope. The stupidity of the many outweighs the legitimacy of the few in Dog Snobtopia (We’re still working on the name. Suggestions will be considered.) Sorry. Encourage the human race to be less stupid and maybe one day we will reintroduce them.

If reintroduced, we will be equipping them with bells, so you can be warned of assholes approaching.

If reintroduced, we will be equipping them with bells, so you can be warned of assholes approaching.


2. People will be required to take an ‘asshole’ test before owning a dog

Why not a general dog knowledge test, you ask?  Dog knowledge can be learned.  Asshole is forever.   People falling in the bottom quartile…make that 50% (shut up, BusyBee likes statistics.  This shit makes her inner control freak and stats geek very happy) will be deemed “supreme assholes”, given a scarlet A, and told to never own a dog again.

B is for Batrachophobia. Kermit is Fucked.


3. Child/Dog homes will be monitored and screened.

Don’t whine, you’ll be lucky if we let you have kids at all. That’s right, before you take your precious bundle of vomit and shit home, we’ll be asking if you have a dog. Do you? Mandatory training classes. The world has proved time and time again that most parents can’t handle the combo of kids and dogs. We’re here to fix that. Less dog bites, less dogs given up to shelters and this way little Susie’s first plastic surgery will be thanks to Dad’s giant honking nose and not Rover’s annoyance with her pulling his hair.

Probably a better handler than you.

4.  Vigilante Poo Crews

You don’t want to clean up after your dog?  That’s cool.  Our highly trained fleet of poo police will take care of the mess for you.  And by take care of, we mean find new and creative ways to use your dog’s poop against you.  Think airborne shit bombs, hiding it in places that you will never find but can always smell, and the old classic “burning bags of shit on your front porch”.   Members of the VPC will be ruthless, stealthy, and misanthropic–a trio of traits that make them uniquely qualified to ruin your day.

Fear the Flames

Fear the Flames

5.  Dog Matchmaking Services

Think you’re ready to contain that Husky or ready to keep that Border Collie sufficiently stimulated?  We’ll see about that.  Trained matchmakers (i.e. people who don’t have their heads up their asses) will help you find the appropriate dog for you.  Seem a little Big Brother to you?  You’ll thank us later when your dog hasn’t literally dragged you down the street face-first or eaten your entire couch.  Things like ‘readiness and willingness to learn and train’ will be considered in selections as will prior dog experience, available time and energy, and scores on the asshole test mentioned above.   Be warned though, our matchmakers also won’t be afraid to match you with a stuffed dog if that’s what the situation calls for.

After much consideration, we have found you an appropriate companion. We named him Stuart. We don’t trust your naming capabilities.

After much consideration, we have found you an appropriate companion. We named him Stuart. We don’t trust your naming capabilities.


6. Truthiness Scoring on internet gathering places

    So you’re less of an asshole than 50% of the population? Congrats, in good schools that’s still an F. In the spirit of a failing education system, you’re not safe yet.You know that person who always has some derogatory comment on how your solutions won’t work, what “they did” that did and a whole dictionary of jargon to muddle their points even further? How they give advice ranging from benignly helpful to the downright dangerous? You know how you really just want to call shenanigans on all their bullshit spewing? Well, rest assured we’ve found a way. In what can only be described as the Thunderdome of Pissiness, if you managed to piss off enough people, they can vote you into the Thunderdome. Judges of Truthiness (i.e. Us) will rate you on things like “Yeah that didn’t happen” and “Your word vomit is obtuse and lie-filled” each receiving a score between 0 and 5, with 0 being “People be playa hatin’ yo” and 5 just being the sound of maniacal laughter as we laugh uproariously. Anyone scoring an average of 3 or greater will have a flashing neon blinkie under their posts with a teeny troll doing cartwheels (3), Back Handsprings (4) or pleasuring itself with a Safe-Stix (5). We round up. If you continue to offend at level 5 and we’re just not convinced you’re funny anymore your IP address is banished to the Hinterlands, where the people with multiple internet personas argue with themselves while a MIDI version of “Talk Dirty” plays in the background.

Just because you're the victor, doesn't mean we like you.

Just because you’re the victor, doesn’t mean we like you.


7.  Human Shaming

We’ve all seen the cutesy dog-shaming pictures online, but really, it would be more a public service if neighbors were aware of the assholes in their midst.  Therefore, people who fail to be decent dog owners (routinely have dogs off-leash in non-designated areas, make it on to the VPC Most Wanted List, losers of the Thunderdome of Pissiness, and those who generally blame their dogs for their own negligence and assholeness) will be compiled into lists based on region and displayed in two ways.  First, the names and photos of these violators will be flashed upon your screen between breaks of your favorite prime time comedies (Remember John TV?  It’s like that…but without the whole prostitution thing).  Next, similar to “most wanted” pictures of the wild west, pictures of the most shameful dog owners in your neighborhood will be posted visibly in places like pet stores, coffee shops, and dog parks.  We believe that everyone has the right to know which of their neighbors are the most likely to piss them off so that you can either avoid them like mature adults (pshhh what fun is that?!) or prepare an epic verbal lashing in case you should encounter them.


You also have our permission to fart in their general direction

You also have our permission to fart in their general direction


8. Leash Laws will be enforced through Medieval-styled shaming and modest torture.

Pretty self explanatory. If it says you need a leash, put it on a leash. Flogging, the pillory, the lash and day long fire and brimstone masses in Latin and four flexis attached to ball-crazy labradors on flexis tied to your sensitive pieces may be applied at random.


A four hour treatise on the polar bear on the wrapper. Who don’t the rules apply to again?


9. Bragging about your dog will be strictly monitored.

Braggarts are annoying, most especially when they have nothing interesting or impressive to brag about. If your dog actually does X, Y, and Z, put your Truthiness score on the line. Shitty unimpressive youtube “stays” where your dog breaks as you hastily add a release as they are moving away from you into the sunset do not count as braggable, nor do things you’ve purchased, plan on purchasing, how your dog was so much better than everyone else’s etc. And if you’re going to trash someone? You’d better have some pretty impressive counter-skills (And we don’t mean your ability to find a youtube video showing someone else doing it) to back it up, or you get demoted and eventually banished to the land of endless pop music beeping.


In our version the yellow block is a plastic bag and it’s over your head.


10. Food Bragging is also annoying and punishable.

Beneful and Alpo will be removed from store shelves in what can only be described as a looting and burning rampage, but beyond that, feed at will. While we’re thrilled you feed your dog organic yogurt, that’s very wonderful and talented of you, no one cares, and frankly it isn’t any of your business what a stranger in Scranton feeds their dog.  Focus on your own dog and his diet, mmmkay? First offenses will be dealt with in sarcasm, involving blackberry coulis, pink salt, truffle oil, and cheese made from the milk of our imported Russian yak named Svetlana. Second offenses will be dealt with as in change #9.


She also thinks those skinny jeans are stupid.


11. Tiaras are totally appropriate casual wear

It’s a thing now. Get over it.


Tiaras are always worth it.

Our reign as benevolent tiara-ed dictators will be long and prosperous. Snob on, minions.

What matters is how you handle it a.k.a. A guide to ethical breeders and breeding by Fang

15 May

I’ve had this written for a little while but was waiting on results to post it mainly to avoid the rush of questions directed to my breeder before full tests were done. They’re finished, so now I’ll share.


As I’m sure most of you have realized from my incessant blathering, last week I picked up my new Australian Cattle Dog puppy. Some of the more astute among you may have noticed that


This Puppy

Thing One

And This Puppy


Are not the same puppy.

I’ve had the same list of ACD breeders since I was 18 and my puppy has come from one of them. The parents of the litter were fully health tested from solid, healthy and sane pedigrees. It wasn’t an impulse decision. This wasn’t from some puppy-mill in the boondocks breeding any kind-of cattle dog-looking thing that happened to have the right parts, and still the unthinkable happened. A freak genetic mutation that is currently untestable, random and for a disorder virtually unknown in the breed killed not just one, but two boys in the litter. Through all this I’ve realized some things and I think it’s important to share.


A Good Breeder and an Ethical Breeder are not always the same thing

It's hit or miss.

It’s hit or miss.


Good breeders do the health testing. They produce nice dogs of their breed. The keep the dogs in good condition, and usually do *something* with their animals be it show, performance or real-life work etc. They do their best to sell puppies to appropriate homes and they’ll take back puppies who don’t work out. Ethical breeders do all that, and are unfailingly honest about problems that arise in their lines with their buyers. Using my Malinois as an example, I know the issues in his lines back through his grandmother. When a cancer diagnosis came up in his maternal line’s grandmother (At 15, so really not surprising) I had a phone-call within a day. While it helps that I am friends with his breeder, she called and informed puppy buyers from years earlier of the condition that may have had a genetic component. When M’s mama died suddenly and unexpectedly at her co-owner’s home, it was my breeder who called all of her puppy owners to let them know what had happened. The new mini-beast’s breeder notified the functional entirety of the Cattle Dog community as soon as results were finally finished and I knew before the boys had even been euthanized. It’s not an easy thing to do and the sense of personal responsibility for an ethical breeder is crushing. They have no other choice but to do the right thing.


The health and integrity of the breed matters more than personal gain or reputation.

So that means I can be an asshole. Awesome.

My cat thinks I’m an asshole, so Awesome! You look stupid in that hat.

People are assholes. Breed people can be majorly gossipy nasty assholes particularly when personal dislike comes into play. Sharing findings that help the breed and excluding dogs who will do harm to the breed in the long run is the duty of an ethical breeder. That should be an obvious conclusion, but out of fear of a witch-hunt or just generally sloppy morality many breeders keep silent inadvertently hurting the thing they’re supposed to love. My big question to them continues to be, ‘To what end?”. What is the point of keeping quiet on issues when sharing your knowledge of your own lines can only help others in the long run.

 Good breeders want to know what you’re up to.

I have less than 100 Facebook friends and 50% of them are only there because I can't delete them without drama.

I have less than 100 Facebook friends and 50% of them are only there because I can’t delete them.

I actively detest the phone. A university job in telephone support pretty much ensured that if my phone rings, I reflexively cringe and try to think if I have a reasonable excuse for not answering. That being said, 90% of my current phone bill is from talking to my Malinois’ breeder. We’ve gotten to be good friends and it keeps me in the more immediate loop of happenings with my dog’s relatives. My Facebook feed is so littered with mini-beast pictures that I’m pretty sure I’m just being humored at this point with likes and comments but the simple act of giving a damn about puppies already out there speaks volumes about the quality of the breeder.

Bad stuff still happens to good and ethical breeders

Inevitable, really.

Inevitable, really.

…And there’s nothing you can do about it. Freak occurrences, accidents, genetic anomalies, all of it is unpredictable, sucky and being prepared for the worst does nothing to shake the shock of it happening to you. What matters and what will matter in the long-term is what you do with that knowledge. While I will probably always be a little bit sad over what happened, the “what if” alone is kind of heartbreaking, but even a little shift in the wind could have drastically expanded the problem to encompass the entire breed. The death of the boys was a tragedy for my breeder, but they saved many people much greater heartache in the long-term. There’s honor in that.

For me the heartache (A fraction of what my breeder must have gone through) was ameliorated by the arrival of Miss T-Beast, aka Tantrum, the sister and littermate of the boys. While she is likely clear of the disorder/mutation, as her blood ratios would suggest the lack of a real clear/carrier/affected test means Tantrum is likely the end of her maternal line. I am personally hopeful for a definitive test to identify carriers and clears be developed but research being what it is, the likelihood is small.

Next Best Puppy

Next Best Puppy

Miss T-beast is sassy and sweet and currently yelling at me from her prison (a.k.a. crate) while I try to keep her out of the cord bank at work. I’m grateful to have her for her own sake, and not just as a replacement for the boy who was lost. She’s more than a silver lining and thinking of her as one is a disservice to both her and the boys.

So we’ll carry on a little more scratched up due to puppy teeth. and a little more hearing impaired from puppy shrieking and with the memory that it’s all far too fleeting.

The New York State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is the go-to place for testing blood disorders in dogs. We get asked pretty regularly about donations and places we’d recommend giving and most veterinary hospital supported labs are a good place to start.

Owner Profile: The Dog Blogger

12 May

Okay, never let it be said that The Dog Snobs don’t laugh at themselves. We realize the irony of our mocking, that’s what makes us so hilarious, right? (We are funny… right? RIGHT?) So, in honor of a conference that we recently went to, and in honor of the BlogPaws Conference that we totally didn’t go to (Next year, we’ll catch you next year BlogPaws) today’s blog is about the rare, the elusive, the slightly insane Dog Blogger.


Description: They (We?) really do vary. You’ve got the crazies, of course, that type like dis and tawk for their puppers about how PAWESOME everyfing is. We avoid those types. Those types are our anathemas. They are the reason we don’t tell people we’re Dog Bloggers. Then, on the other hand, you have the serious professional blogger types that write about Dog health and training. We have buckets of respect for those types, but we still don’t fit in there. We’re much more the snarky type, of which there are few. We aren’t here to hand out professional advice… but we’re not here to tell you about Snookum’s day either.

If we ever start talking like this, it’s a sign of the impending death of mankind.

If we ever start talking like this, it’s a sign of the impending death of mankind.



Common Locations:

We walk among you!!  Seriously though, it seems like dog bloggers are everywhere nowadays, lurking behind computer screens in a city near you!  While online, dog bloggers are likely googling to find the perfect meme, checking their site statistics, or working on their latest blog post, all while eating ice cream and intermittently playing indoor fetch with their dog.  Want to see a dog blogger outside of their natural indoor habitat?  Just attend a blogger conference like BlogPaws or other dog-centric events where we talk about…our dog blogs and all things dog and all things blog.  It’s pretty much the same thing dog bloggers do at home, except there is a higher likelihood that we are wearing pants.

So many Dog Snob articles written pantsless. So Many.

So many Dog Snob articles written pantsless. So Many.


Breeds Owned:

Anything and everything. Within most breeds, there are specific bloggers everyone follows but it’s really wide open from the smallest Maltese to the largest Great Dane to the muttliest of mutts. Someone out there is blogging about them.

First the blogosphere, next the world!

First the blogosphere, next the world!


Skill Level: All over the place. At a recent blog related event,  a fellow blogger asked how to keep her schnauzer from barking outside all day. Seriously, you think all that time spent on the internet would teach them something; Less Pinterest, more common sense, Lady.

“My dog may not be able to come when called, but I make a mean organic dog treat!”

“My dog may not be able to come when called, but I make a mean organic dog treat!”


Catch Phrases: “Like me on Facebook!”, “How many new followers did we get today?”

Pictured above, actual BusyBee*

Pictured above, actual BusyBee*

*this is not actually BusyBee.  Know your memes.



T-shirts and other gear that can be customized on Zazzle or CafePress with the blog logo (ahem…*)

We are sorry he couldn't be shirtless and model the shirt at the same time.

We are sorry he couldn’t be shirtless and model the shirt at the same time.

Anecdotal Evidence:


BusyBee:  I’ve been pretty careful to not reveal my identity as a dog blogger to anyone outside of my immediate friendship circle, so I’m always amused when an acquaintance sends me a link to one of our own blogs and tells me that I have to check it out.  The danger of this however is that sometimes their comments that accompany said link are less than glowing (how dare they not love us?!).  Apparently some people really do want dog blogs that detail Muffy’s day from start to finish (did you know that she pooped three times and got a weed stuck in her tail while on a neighborhood walk? Oh, the adventures they had!) instead of sparkling wit, sarcasm, and dog toys that look like sex toys.  That’s fine, because there are a bajillion dog blogs out there, so there is literally something for everyone.  We may be slightly less than mainstream (and we aren’t family friendly, as one pet blogger group informed us), but we sure do have fun and we’ll continue to corrupt the blogosphere one post at a time.

Hide your childrens!!!


Potnoodle: Before writing my own blog (This one.) I sort of assumed popular bloggers were A Big Deal. Turns out, anyone with a working internet connection and a dream can have a blog. Who knew.  There’s a semi local lady that blogs and she is who comes to mind whenever someone mentions dog blogger. She hands out cards to everyone and their brother that even mentions having a dog. Business cards that say her name, and have “blogger” under that…. like it’s a real job.  She also hands out advice left and right…. completely unsolicited advice most of the time.  I have never mentioned to this woman that I co-write a blog myself, so let’s hope she doesn’t read this and figure me out.

Not relevant.  Still hilarious.

Not relevant. Still hilarious.