Owner Profile: The Dog Blogger

12 May

Okay, never let it be said that The Dog Snobs don’t laugh at themselves. We realize the irony of our mocking, that’s what makes us so hilarious, right? (We are funny… right? RIGHT?) So, in honor of a conference that we recently went to, and in honor of the BlogPaws Conference that we totally didn’t go to (Next year, we’ll catch you next year BlogPaws) today’s blog is about the rare, the elusive, the slightly insane Dog Blogger.


Description: They (We?) really do vary. You’ve got the crazies, of course, that type like dis and tawk for their puppers about how PAWESOME everyfing is. We avoid those types. Those types are our anathemas. They are the reason we don’t tell people we’re Dog Bloggers. Then, on the other hand, you have the serious professional blogger types that write about Dog health and training. We have buckets of respect for those types, but we still don’t fit in there. We’re much more the snarky type, of which there are few. We aren’t here to hand out professional advice… but we’re not here to tell you about Snookum’s day either.

If we ever start talking like this, it’s a sign of the impending death of mankind.

If we ever start talking like this, it’s a sign of the impending death of mankind.



Common Locations:

We walk among you!!  Seriously though, it seems like dog bloggers are everywhere nowadays, lurking behind computer screens in a city near you!  While online, dog bloggers are likely googling to find the perfect meme, checking their site statistics, or working on their latest blog post, all while eating ice cream and intermittently playing indoor fetch with their dog.  Want to see a dog blogger outside of their natural indoor habitat?  Just attend a blogger conference like BlogPaws or other dog-centric events where we talk about…our dog blogs and all things dog and all things blog.  It’s pretty much the same thing dog bloggers do at home, except there is a higher likelihood that we are wearing pants.

So many Dog Snob articles written pantsless. So Many.

So many Dog Snob articles written pantsless. So Many.


Breeds Owned:

Anything and everything. Within most breeds, there are specific bloggers everyone follows but it’s really wide open from the smallest Maltese to the largest Great Dane to the muttliest of mutts. Someone out there is blogging about them.

First the blogosphere, next the world!

First the blogosphere, next the world!


Skill Level: All over the place. At a recent blog related event,  a fellow blogger asked how to keep her schnauzer from barking outside all day. Seriously, you think all that time spent on the internet would teach them something; Less Pinterest, more common sense, Lady.

“My dog may not be able to come when called, but I make a mean organic dog treat!”

“My dog may not be able to come when called, but I make a mean organic dog treat!”


Catch Phrases: “Like me on Facebook!”, “How many new followers did we get today?”

Pictured above, actual BusyBee*

Pictured above, actual BusyBee*

*this is not actually BusyBee.  Know your memes.



T-shirts and other gear that can be customized on Zazzle or CafePress with the blog logo (ahem…http://www.zazzle.com/thedogsnobs*)

We are sorry he couldn't be shirtless and model the shirt at the same time.

We are sorry he couldn’t be shirtless and model the shirt at the same time.

Anecdotal Evidence:


BusyBee:  I’ve been pretty careful to not reveal my identity as a dog blogger to anyone outside of my immediate friendship circle, so I’m always amused when an acquaintance sends me a link to one of our own blogs and tells me that I have to check it out.  The danger of this however is that sometimes their comments that accompany said link are less than glowing (how dare they not love us?!).  Apparently some people really do want dog blogs that detail Muffy’s day from start to finish (did you know that she pooped three times and got a weed stuck in her tail while on a neighborhood walk? Oh, the adventures they had!) instead of sparkling wit, sarcasm, and dog toys that look like sex toys.  That’s fine, because there are a bajillion dog blogs out there, so there is literally something for everyone.  We may be slightly less than mainstream (and we aren’t family friendly, as one pet blogger group informed us), but we sure do have fun and we’ll continue to corrupt the blogosphere one post at a time.

Hide your childrens!!!


Potnoodle: Before writing my own blog (This one.) I sort of assumed popular bloggers were A Big Deal. Turns out, anyone with a working internet connection and a dream can have a blog. Who knew.  There’s a semi local lady that blogs and she is who comes to mind whenever someone mentions dog blogger. She hands out cards to everyone and their brother that even mentions having a dog. Business cards that say her name, and have “blogger” under that…. like it’s a real job.  She also hands out advice left and right…. completely unsolicited advice most of the time.  I have never mentioned to this woman that I co-write a blog myself, so let’s hope she doesn’t read this and figure me out.

Not relevant.  Still hilarious.

Not relevant. Still hilarious.

5 Responses to “Owner Profile: The Dog Blogger”

  1. The Profane Dog Trainer May 12, 2014 at 11:32 pm #

    Hah! I have blogs I’ve forgotten. One started as a dog blog, then morphed into something else. The new one isn’t just me, and while live, isn’t out there yet. We will be ranting a lot, with liberal use of snark, sarcasm and profanity specifically from pro trainers. Sound familiar? But we’ll be the mean girls.

  2. Tamzin St. Claire Hart May 13, 2014 at 1:35 am #

    I had a dog blog for about 5 1/2 years until I just needed to let it go. I blogged about my litters and raising them (mostly so their new owners could see how damn hard it was to raise their little angels), educate about the breed, to brag about some show wins, rant about other breeders(!), update how everyone was maturing and documenting the daily life of living with a large breed hound. If it turned one person off of getting the wrong breed of dog, it was worth it. It was also useful because I can reference it if I need to remember something that happened with the dogs from 3 or 4 years ago. It was mostly for me and my puppy people and never became mainstream, but it is still there and every once in a while I take a stroll down memory lane.

  3. tarynft May 13, 2014 at 11:54 am #

    I’ve been a dog blogger for almost 5 years. For the longest while, I didn’t let anyone I knew in real life know about it, but after posting a few links on FaceBook, I guess everyone knows, but no one cares. I don’t do the cutesy talk, or provide useful info. I just love to take photos of my dogs, chronicle my younger dog’s agility exploits, and mainly do it for myself. Along the way I made a bunch of like-minded internet friends, and that’s been the best part of all. If I’m a crazy dog lady, at least I know I am far from alone!

    Taryn and her corgis at:

  4. kkoira May 13, 2014 at 2:51 pm #

    I’ve been blogging about my dogs for the past four years. I don’t do the cutsie nonsense, but I do mostly talk about the day to day life and training with my dogs. People read my blog because they enjoy it; I write it because I enjoy it.

    I will say, going to BlogPaws this past weekend was pretty awesome, because while everyone write something different, has a different audience, and has different goals for their blogs, not one of them thinks you are crazy to spend so much time training, traveling, and writing about your dogs. And it is always awesome when someone walks over and strikes up conversation because they recognize my dog.

  5. ThatJenK May 13, 2014 at 6:58 pm #

    Ha! So funny because it’s true!
    My ‘real life’ and the dog blog do not overlap much. I kinda like it that way. Definitely not something I advertise, though select friends read occassionally and my mom will text me if she spots a typo… so… that’s something?

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