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Sex Toy or Dog Toy Saturday

14 May

We haven’t ruined your Saturday in a while.  Let’s change that.   For today’s installment, we’ve found some adorable critters for your enjoyment.  And yes, one of them is actually for *that” type of enjoyment.  In the famous words of Big Bird, which one of these things is not like the other?    That’s right friends, two of these are dog toys and one is a sex toy.  Can you tell which is which?






C) 31PQkkeu7xL._SX300_QL70_




Have you thought long and hard? (See what we did there?)


Let’s start with the easy one, shall we?  Option C is indeed a dog toy.  How are you doing so far?


So that means that either A or B is a sex toy.  Have you made your final guess???


Well, despite B having a suspicious looking pleasure hole and one hell of an 0-face, that is indeed a dog toy.  So that means that adorable little option A is for adults only.