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Dog Related Craigslist Ads that Make us go “Huh?!”

16 Mar

Against our better judgment, all three of us at The Dog Snobs occasionally look at the “pets” section on Craigslist, and each time, we are reminded exactly why this is a such a bad idea.  Some of the posts are admittedly depressing, but in between wanting to throttle idiot dog owners, we consistently manage to find some particularly laughable posts. Between the atrocious spellings (pro tip:  you shouldn’t own a dog you can’t spell), made up breeds, and absurd stories behind the dogs, Craigslist pet ads are basically the “Walmart” of the dog world.   One doesn’t have to look far to spot the stupid.

Below are some of the most head-scratchingly awful ads we saw posted in the last week.

Ah yes, the elusive “purebread” dog.  Is it whole wheat? Pumpernickel? Perhaps a nice Rye?  We suddenly find ourselves hungry….

Hmmm…a Burmese, eh?  Like a snake? Oh… like a cat?  Color us confused.  Oh wait, and it’s mixed with a boarder collie.  That clears it all up.  Aaaaaaand you spelled mountain wrong.  Nicely done.

In line with text | Fixed position

So much wrong.  Chabrador.  Chiwawa.  The confusion as to how the dogs managed to mate.  Do you think a diagram would help?

This one is a two-fer.  A “miniature t-cup” that can’t breed or be fixed lest it dies (and yet owner claims it has no problems…mmmhmmmm) AND it falls into one of our naming pet peeve categories, “The Mismatch”.
Just so much wrong with this ad. Ignoring the numerous spelling mistakes…. they’re basically telling us that buying a dog from a breeder at a flea market is the same thing as rescuing an adult from a rescue. We aren’t sure what compelled the original poster to write this ad, but we’d like to.

If you don’t know how to spell the breed name, don’t get the breed. We’d like to petition that as a cardinal rule of dog ownership. Who’s with us?


Again with the spelling errors, but this ad has bigger issues going for it. Wolf? Really. We’ve removed the location for the protection of the idiots posting it but let me assure you… there are no wolves in central Alabama. None that are available to breed to your “Shepard” anyway.


Questionable ethics aside, this is a terrifying ad. Not only does the other dog in the photo look like she consumes human souls for sustenance, but the dog looking for a home is “short and stalky”. All the better for hiding in your bushes with some binoculars and a bottle of lotion.


While we proudly admitted our love of Toddlers & Tiaras, we aren’t quite sure this is what we had in mind.  Renting/lending out a puppy seems like a swell idea.  What could possibly go wrong?! You know, besides the havoc a young energetic puppy could wreak. Or the emotional damage dozens of screaming girls in cupcake dresses could inflict on said puppy. Either way, Potnoodle is searching for the location of this pageant with intentions to watch the fun.

Have any “favorite” breed misspellings of your own?  Find any local ads that make you want to bang your head on a wall?  If so, please share!  But pretty please, don’t post any identifiable information like contact information or names.  We’d really like to avoid inciting a hate crime.