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First Dog Snob Photo Contest

1 May

Deciding on a winner was not easy. There was an all-out debate, a little name-calling, and some decidedly bitchy sniping that went into making this decision.  Ultimately, we were able to land on a snobby dog that was worthy of representing us for the month of May.  Drumroll please….


Our Choice:


Ali B. and Sport!!!

That face, side-eye and all, was just too much to ignore.  Congratulations!  You get the illustrious honor of being our profile picture for the month of May and the ability to choose a blog topic for the three of us to riff on.  Better make it good–we’re feeling extra snarky!



In addition to the picture voted on by us, the lucky minion (who  received an amazing 81 likes) who wins a questionable dog toy of our choice is…..



People’s Choice:  


Tracy P. and Daisy!


Both winners should contact us privately as soon as possible.  Either Email us at thedogsnobs@gmail.com or message us on facebook.

Thanks to everyone that sent us photos, we laughed out loud at most of them. For those of you who didn’t win (we won’t go as far as calling you losers, but….), we are excited to announce that we will post our next month’s contest tomorrow!  Stay tuned….