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WTF Wednesday

28 Mar

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for you guys to wonder about what exactly is in our search history. (Spoiler Alert: A lot of sex toys.)

“Fuck My Life”

It’s a fanny pack…. for dogs. A Fido Pack, if you will. We don’t know about you guys, but we here at The Dog Snobs have dogs with working legs. That means when we go for our daily power walks, we strap on our sweat bands and leg warmers like it’s 1985 . However, we don’t usually strap our dogs to our sides, despite how much Potnoodle’s I would really be in to that. Does that dog look happy? He kinda looks like one of those sad horses they airlift out of mud pits… The pressure points are weird and we’re pretty sure the dog is getting nothing out of it, besides his life long dream of being taller than all the other dogs.

WTF Wednesday

20 Mar

If you need a contraption like this to deal with dog poop, Get a Ficus.

WTF Wednesday #2

14 Mar

The Dog Snobs are rarely struck dumb, but whatever is going on in this picture managed to do it.

We don’t know what’s happening… and honestly it scares us a little.

WTF Wednesday

7 Mar

We here at The Dog Snobs often come across things in our daily lives that make us wonder where exactly humanity took the wrong turn. When confronted with these evolutionary dead-ends, we are often inspired to whip out our cell-phone and take a picture. The result will be presented to you here, on Wednesdays.   As always, we appreciate your comments and if you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, we’re judging you.  

This image was captured by BusyBee on a recent trip. We aren’t sure what part concerns us most. The tiny dogs stuffed in his leather vest? The leather vest itself?  The dude’s frickin’ HUGE hands, perhaps?  Whichever it is, we truly appreciate the artistic framing with the words “Bitch 1” and “Bitch 2” visible in the background.