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The Dog Snobs 100th Post

15 Aug

Holy crap.   It’s our 100th post.  How did that happen?! Who knew we had this kind of dedication?

Since our blog debuted on February 28th, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried (well maybe not),  we’ve snarked, and in the middle of it all somehow managed to rack up a pretty cool league of minions!  In honor of our 100th post, we wanted to reflect on what we’ve learned so far.

1)  We’re pretty good at pissing people off.

While we knew we might raise some hackles, we can’t say we ever thought that people would get so riled up.   We’ve been called names, we’ve had people curse our unborn children, and we’ve even had hate email sent to us.  Now, if you think this made us sad…you don’t know us very well.  We took it as a sign that we had finally “made it” in the blogosphere.  You can’t piss people off if no one is reading you.

Not the worst thing we’ve been called.

2)  Some people aren’t good at recognizing themselves…or laughing at themselves.

Why do some people hate us so much?  Probably because they take themselves WAY too seriously.  We’ve never claimed to be anything but a snark-filled blog and we certainly don’t take ourselves seriously.  While a majority of readers get what we are about and join right in on the fun, some people will clearly just never get it.

3)  Having a “Sex Toy or Dog Toy” column results in a lot of really awkward spam mail.

But not as awkward as our posts. Who can forget the egg, the safestix, or the infamous cupcake?  We sure can’t and we have a feeling you’re can’t either.  Just be thankful that we don’t share our spam mail with you.  You’re welcome.

New column idea: Fruit or Sex Organ

4)  One should always clear browsers after searching for sex toy/dog toy items.  

Or at least make a deal with your friends to do so for you should you suddenly become incapacitated.  The things that show up in our search history are possibly arrestable offenses in 21 states


5)  We love our minions.

When we started this blog, we said we didn’t care if anyone else thought we were funny other than us.   Much to our surprise, our readership took off pretty quickly and we’ve garnered a great group of followers. We are so glad that other dog owners enjoy the snarkier look at the dog world, and we’ve enjoyed reading your comments.  You all post some funny shit.

6) Our brand of humor is not fit for everyone.

We think we’re hilarious, most of you think we are hilarious (right?), but not everyone gets it. If only we could control how people choose to present us because as far as we know, a sarcasm font hasn’t yet been invented.  Perhaps we should put a definition of satire at the beginning of every post.

Or we could google it for them. 

7) Nothing brings Dog People together like humor…

Mocking other dog people. If you’ve ever been ringside at a dog event, you know we’re a bitchy bunch, even to our friends. Is it any surprise that a blog mocking a wide range of dog people is a hit? We are like the mean girls of the dog world.

It’s true… and you will too if you want us to like you.

Have you learned anything from us?  Love us? Hate us? Share below!