Sex Toy or Dog Toy Saturday

6 Oct

OK, kids. Settle down and let The Dog Snobs tell you a story. Actually… kids need to get out because this is NOT suitable for minors. That’s right… it’s Sex Toy or Dog Toy Saturday.

Option A

Option B


“But Dog Snobs!” you say, “This week is so obvious!” To that we reply… do we really trust people to leave the tennis ball alone? No. No, we do not. Yes, Option B is the dog toy. Still though… what sexual congress can someone get up to that involves inserting a fox tail in to their…. well we all know where that’s going.  What we really want to know is why? Or maybe we don’t. We do know that those weird hipster tails just became the second most hated use of fur bits we can think of.

What WOULD the fox say if he knew where his tail was going after it had been chopped off his mortal remains? We’re going to leave the yelping jokes alone, because we have class.

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